We can 

 include everyone 

A vision for all:


 stable housing 

 Protecting our 


 Investing in 

 our youth 



 worker power 

 Equity with 

 Rapid Transit 


 with purpose 

 Expanding our 

 public goods 

 Fighting for 

 our rights 


Stable housing is a right!

Capitalistic forces make material conditions so that a place like The Bronx has over 60% of tenants paying more than 30 percent of income on rent. Having a stable home that is planned and controlled by the people will ensure that everyone can live in dignity. 

Community Development

  • Create a comprehensive community-based plan for each Community Board.

  • Create new Community Land Trusts

  • Build Social and Senior Housing


  • Create borough based funds for NYCHA from development

  • Convert NYCHA land to Community Land Trusts

  • Strengthening resident governance with decision making approval

  • Green New Deal for Public Housing


  • Rent to Own options for housing

  • Build low-equity co-ops and Mitchell Lama style housing.

  • Organize existing homeowners to form Community Land Trusts to protect from speculation.

  • Utilize HUD Section 32 for ownership in NYCHA.


  • Pass Dirty Building legislation

  • Build to Passive House standard

  • Promote and subsidize green energy retrofits

  • Expand use of renewable energy  such as solar and geothermal capture


Equity thru transit 

Over half of Bronxites do not own a car. We rely on our public transportation system to get to our jobs, appointments, loved ones, and neighborhoods. Having rapid and reliable transit brings stability and reorienting our streets to the human scale means a better life for all.

Free Transit

  • Guarantee NYC residents the right to ride within NYC Transit.

  • Municipalize NYC Transit to allow more local control of the MTA.

  • Fund through a millionaires tax, reduce stock transfer tax reimbursement, and implement a transit development tax. 

Rapid Surface 


  • Increase bus lanes and busways

  • Add more SBS lines

  • Build real Bus Rapid Transit, especially on highways

  • Push for light rail for major corridors

Micromobility & Accesibility

  • Design streetscape to permit the use of small electric vehicles such as e-bikes, scooters and powered mobility devices

  • Rebate for e-bikes and scooters

  • Ensure every subway station has an elevator

Street & Curb Management

  • Reprioritize streets to accommodate buses, pedestrians, bicycles, and civic uses

  • Better manage curb use to better facilitate commerce, trash collection and mobility


Community keeps us safe 

Much of what we call public safety focuses on enforcement and punitive punishment. The safest communities are the ones that invest in education, social services and community facilities. We need to close Rikers, not spend billions on new jails and instead spend that money on housing and services. 

Public Safety

  • Decrease funding to the NYPD by 50% and utilize the money for mental health,social services, education and housing. 

  • Decriminalize petty offenses and end broken windows policing.

  • Enact an Elected Civilian Complaint Review Board.

  • Guarantee speedy trial.

  • Police out of schools, traffic, homeless and social services.

Mental Health

  • Utilize Crisis Intervention Teams instead of police to respond to situations involving mental health

  • Expand the availability of mental health services in community health facilities run by Department of Health and Mental Hygeine.

Social & Community Services

  • Increase funding for HRA.

  • Add funding for cultural affairs and library services.

  • More funding for child and youth services.

  • Triple the amount of homeless services.

Harm Reduction

  • Decriminalize all drugs.

  • Fund grassroots organizations working directly with those who use drugs.

  • Build safe consumption spaces.

  • Guarantee access to treatment and therapy.

  • Expand supportive housing.

Nothing for us, without us 


Our communities are under attack from development that doesn't represent our communities' goals and needs first. We must stand up for our communities and develop comprehensive plans that guarantee housing while providing jobs and creating a sense of community ownership.

Comprehensive Planning

  • Undertake community planning involving all stakeholders to create a comprehensive plan.

  • Focus on union labor to create social housing and institutions.

  • Convert all public land to community land trusts.

  • Use local income levels to determine affordability levels.


Community Engagement

  • Host public assemblies and visionings in civic spaces.

  • Utilize voting boards throughout the community to gauge needs and preferences.

  • Work with tenant associations, neighborhood block groups and other community organizations. 

People's Budget

  • Bring Participatory Budgeting to District 18

  • Allow the community to vote on how to use discretionary funds.

  • Allocate capital funds according to community needs.

Climate Resilency

  • Support the ALIGN plan for a Green and Equitable Recovery

  • Fight for a Green New Deal for New York City

  • Build infrastructure to protect coastal communities from rising sea levels.

Youth are our future 


The youth are often the harshest recipients of the inequality caused by capitalism. We must provide them with opportunities and safety. Our communities also must respect their voices and empower them to take ownership of where they live. 


  • Fully fund our public schools.

  • Reduce classroom sizes. 

  • Free CUNY.

  • Remove police from schools.

  • Provide culturally responsive and sustainable education.

  • Desegregate NYC schools.

  • End all screens and tests. 

Universal Childcare

  • Guarantee childcare to every NYC child.

  • Expand the Head Start program.

  • Pay child care and preschool workers the same as public school teachers.

Income Opportunity

  • Fully fund the Summer Youth Employment Program.

  • Develop public works programs to create job opportunities for our city's youth.

  • Create paid internship program with City agencies.

  • Help form co-ops and self-directed enterprises.


  • Form youth councils to help determine what types of services and programs to offer.

  • Engage youth in the planning process, especially around parks and community centers.

  • Offer more leadership roles such as Community Boards and Neighborhood Councils. 

Expand our Public Goods


Today's society places extreme pressure to grow productivity while making people pay for the services they need to live. We can make sure our society provides for us by expanding services the City provides to all.

Public Bank

  • Create a public bank for NYC.

  • Utilize the bank to back community development, green infrastructure, and social housing.

  • Support partnerships with local banks and credit unions. 

  • Encourage lending to co-ops and microlending.

Public Power

  • Seize control of Con-Ed and create a municipal power co-op.

  • Install microgrids, especially in enviormental justice communities.

  • Support the expansion of green energy sources.

Municipal Broadband

  • Guarantee free internet service to every NYC resident.

  • Expand public WiFi network to include every public building, park and transit.

  • Install 10 gigabit infrastructure.

Universal Healthcare

  • Guarantee healthcare to all NYC residents.

  • Expand community based health care clinics under the direction of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.


Workers have the Power

Labor is entitled to all it creates. For too long, corporations and bosses have had control of how our workplaces are run and how profits are used. We can exert our collective power by strengthening and forming unions, co-ops, and protections.

Workplace Democracy

  • Support the creation of worker co-ops and worker self directed enterprises. 

  • Incentivize having worker representation on boards.


  • Fully support all efforts to form unions, including City Council.

  • Recognize card-check elections.

  • Advocate for any project using public money to use union labor.

  • Deny contracts to companies that union bust.

  • Repeal Taylor law.



  • Shut down projects that put workers at risk and revoke contracts of companies that abuse their workers.

  • End the gig economy and classify workers as employees.

  • Protective gear for all workers.

Equitable Pay and benefits

  • Raise prevailing wages and the minimum wage to $20/hr.

  • Offer public pension plans to all workers.

  • Universal basic income.

  • Hazard pay for all frontilne workers.

Expand our rights


Everyone deserves the right to pursue happiness. When we are discriminated against based on the color of our skin, our immigration status, sexual and gender orientation, or our disabilities, we are not free.


  • Increase funding for the NYC Commission on Human Rights.

  • Provide training on race and color discrimination under the City Human Rights Law tailored specifically for staff at New York City agencies.

  • Host public hearings on race-based discrimination.

LGBTQ+ Rights

  • End the enforcement of the "Walking While Trans" law by the NYPD.

  • Increase enforcement of anti-discrimination laws to ensure members of the LGBTQ community are not discriminated in housing.

Disability Rights

  • Ensure new development complies with accessibility standards and increase fines for landlords who don't make accommodations.

  • Stronger enforcement against employers who retaliate against employees dealing with disability.

Women's Rights

  • Increasing funding for programs to help victims of domestic abuse.

  • Increasing funding for NYC's Sexual Harassment Unit to crack down on harassment in the workplace.

  • Equity for childbirth, especially for black women.